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Professional R&D team

Lipo battery R&D team

Benzo Energy · UFine Technology research team engineers are well educated, 20 bachelors, 12 masters and 7 doctors, 80% of them had more than 10 years battery design experiences in rechargeable lithium battery industry, in the past, our engineers’ hard work brought Benzo over 25 edge cutting battery system technologies patents, which differentiated us from other lithium battery suppliers and made us stand up among competitors in world lipo battery and li-ion battery market.

With continuous finance investment into new technologies research and development, we had gain lots of important achievements in return, such as the new generation ultra thin high power batteries for e-cards and other thin electronics, curved lipo battery for many new electronics like e-watch, e-rings, e-glass, video glass, etc. high energy density lithium polymer battery cells, high temperature and low temperature li polymer battery which can work under -40 degree and +85 degrees, our high rate discharge lipo battery has reached max 60C ability, an important event is our successful development of 20000 cycles LTO battery, only 6 companies in the world can produce three years ago.

To speed up our steps forward higher level, we are planning to build a new R&D center, where our engineers will have independent work area and several advanced labs for test and experiments of new lithium ion battery, lithium polymer battery, LiFePO4 battery, BMS, battery packs, more cooperation with high school and research centers will be put into schedules to attract more experts to join us.