Are cylindrical lithium batteries safe?

Compared with soft packs and square lithium batteries, the 18650 cylindrical lithium battery is the earliest commercialized battery with the highest degree of production automation and the lowest current cost. The characteristics of cylindrical lithium battery are as follows:

1). Monomer consistency is better. The consistency of the cylindrical lithium battery means that the initial performance indicators of the single cells used in the battery pack are consistent, including: capacitance, impedance, electrical characteristics of the electrodes, temperature characteristics, and decay speed.

2). The mechanical properties of the monomer are better. Compared with square and soft-pack batteries, closed cylinders can obtain the highest bending strength under approximate dimensions.

3). The technology is mature and the production cost is low, but at the same time, the space for cost optimization has also been consumed.

4). The energy of the monomer is small, and the form is easy to control in the event of an accident.

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Is cylindrical lithium battery safer or soft pack lithium battery safer?

As the best packaging method for the safety and performance of lithium-ion batteries, although the soft case is more expensive than other methods, it does not affect its widespread use in various fields. Because the cylindrical battery and the square lithium-ion battery case are all metal material package, compared with the soft-pack lithium-ion battery, the weight is heavy and the danger is high. The internal reaction of the battery can cause the explosion and fire accident.

For a soft-pack lithium-ion battery, even if the battery reacts internally, it will not eventually explode. The biggest damage is the battery itself. The case of a soft-packed lithium-ion battery is encapsulated by a soft material, an aluminum plastic film. If an accident occurs, it will only crack a few holes on the surface of the case. Therefore, in terms of safety, soft-pack lithium batteries are the first to bear the brunt.

In the digital field, the requirements of consumer electronics for batteries are trending towards small size and light weight. The speed of replacing lithium aluminum batteries with soft packs is accelerating. Soft polymer lithium batteries with their excellent overall performance It is widely used in consumer electronics products such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and wearable devices, and the growth rate far exceeds the average level of the lithium battery industry.