The "soft pack" in the soft-packing lithium battery actually refers to a layer of polymer shell on the lithium battery, which is mainly packaged in aluminum plastic film. In fact, the soft packing lithium battery is another name for the polymer lithium battery, and the soft-packing lithium battery has the following advantages:

soft packing lithium battery

1. Good safety performance: The soft packing battery does not cause an explosion accident as like the steel shell battery or aluminum shell battery. Generally, in the case of a safety hazard, the outer casing will only bulge at most.

2. Small size, light weight, high energy: in terms of weight, the soft pack battery is 40% lighter than the equivalent capacity of the steel casing lithium battery, and 20% lighter than the aluminum casing battery. In terms of capacity, the soft-pack lithium battery is 10-15% higher than the steel casing battery of the same specification scale, and 5-10% higher than the aluminum casing battery.

3. The internal resistance is small: We all know that the lithium battery itself will have an inevitable self-discharge reaction, and the greater the internal resistance, the more intense the self-discharge. Relatively speaking, the internal resistance of the soft-pack lithium battery is small, which greatly reduces the self-consumption of the battery.

4. Flexible planning: the shape of the soft pack battery can be determined by specific business needs, customized planning according to the detailed dimensions of the battery box, perhaps through a variety of battery arrangements to achieve full use of the internal space of the battery box, to meet Differentiated needs.

It is understood that the primary application of soft-packed lithium batteries can be subdivided into 3C categories, power categories and energy storage categories. The use of soft pack batteries is first in the 3C category. In recent years, especially in notebook computers, mobile phone batteries and other products accounted for more than 60%. At the same time, with the continuous development of new energy cars, the penetration rate of soft-packed lithium stores is also increasing. The energy storage business is an emerging category of lithium battery application. The short-term use of soft packs is less, and the future decline in soft pack costs also has a large potential for growth in this category.

In addition, the biggest difference between soft-pack lithium batteries and other batteries is the soft-pack material, which uses aluminum-plastic composite film, which is the most critical and technically difficult material in soft-pack lithium batteries.

At present, the models of soft-package batteries on the market is still small, and the cost of development is relatively high. Some insiders pointed out that the reason why the commercial share of soft pack battery is expanding is mainly due to the sophisticated technology. The advantages of soft pack battery in safety, specific energy, cycle life and flexible planning are gradually highlighted, especially the ternary soft pack battery. Great progress has been made in energy density.

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