KC certification is a national unified certification mark implemented by the Korean National Standards Committee. Lithium batteries are included in the KC certification catalog as a compulsory certification product. At present, the testing of portable secondary lithium battery packs and lithium batteries must be performed by authorized laboratories in South Korea, and cannot be transferred with the CB report of IEC 62133. After the product has passed the evaluation, it will be issued a Confirmation Letter of Declaration valid for 5 years, during which no factory inspection is required.

Lithium battery KC certification model, KC certification is divided into the following two models:

Mandatory safety certification (factory audit required)

Self-discipline safety certification (no factory audit required)

Note: Compulsory certification is valid forever, and the self-discipline certification is valid for five years. Lithium batteries are self-disciplined.

Lithium battery KC certification process:

1. The manufacturer submits an application for KC certification

2. Sample delivery test

3. Arrange for factory audit (only applicable for mandatory safety certification)

4. Issue a certificate

Lithium battery KC certification ducuments:

1. Application for Safety Certification (Mandatory)

2. Application for Test of Self-regulatory Safety Confirmation&Declaration of Self-regulatory Safety Confirmation (Self-regulatory Safety Confirmation)

3. Catalogue of parts directly affecting safety

4. Circuit schematic

5. Detailed specifications of transformers (for related products)

6. Insulation material catalog

7. Instructions for use (including instructions for use in Korean)

8. Marking Label

9. Agent authorization documents (mandatory and mandatory, required when applying for self-regulatory agents)

10. Questions (applicable to mandatory)

At present, Benzo Energy and UFine Technology Co., Ltd. has a large number of KC-certified lithium batteries with a capacity range of 50mAh - 5000mAm.

Polymer Lithium battery KC certification

The following 12 batteries are the latest high-capacity batteries that have obtained KC certification: 105085 5000mAh KC certification battery, 104065 3200mAh KC certification battery, 105060 3500mAh KC certification battery, 105065 4000mAh KC certification battery, 105573 5000mAh KC certification battery, 124060 3600mAh KC certification battery , 606090 4000mAh KC certified battery, 686770 4000mAh KC certified battery, 706090 5000mAh KC certified battery, 756077 4800mAh KC certified battery, 805080 4000mAh KC certified battery, 955565 5000mAh KC certified battery.