With the development of science and technology, mobile phones have become a necessity for our lives. However, how to correctly use the battery of the mobile phone is a blind spot that everyone faces. Most of the time, the incorrect use of the mobile phone battery will cause some accidents. Therefore, how to use the mobile phone battery correctly is very important to us.

How to use the mobile phone battery correctly

How to use the mobile phone battery correctly?

1. Try to use the original charger. There is a certain gap between the non-original charger and the original charger in the output current and voltage parameters. If the non-original charger is used for a long time, it is not only easy to reduce the service life of the mobile phone battery, but also may cause the battery of the mobile phone to explode or catch fire.

2. Do not put your phone in a high temperature environment. When the mobile phone is exposed to the sun for a long time, it may cause the battery temperature to suddenly increase or even explode.

3. Try to avoid the water source from the mobile phone to prevent the battery from being short-circuited by moisture.

4.The battery has expansion, shell damage and other abnormal phenomena, should immediately stop using, replace the new battery.

5.Lithium-ion battery should avoid using black screen power off during use.

6. If the battery is not used for a long time, it is recommended to charge it to 40% before placing it to protect the battery. If you use it next time, you need to charge the original power adapter for 20 minutes.

7. When the mobile phone is charged in a protective case, it will affect the capacity of the battery due to excessive heat generation. Or find that your device is getting hot while charging. Please remove the protective case and recharge it.

How to reduce the radiation of mobile phones?

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1. When the mobile phone is called out, it is best to keep the mobile phone away from the head, so as not to radiate the head when the mobile phone emits more power.

2. Minimize the time it takes to use your phone and the number of times it is used. When the talk time is long, it is better to alternate the left and right ears or use the headphones.

3. When the mobile phone signal becomes weak, it will automatically increase the emission power of the electromagnetic wave, and try to avoid the ear close to the mobile phone.

4.To avoid the phone at the corner, the signal coverage in the corner of the building is relatively poor, so it will increase the radiation power of the phone to a certain extent. For the same reason, when you are in a small, enclosed environment such as an elevator, you should avoid making calls.

5. Do not walk around when you make a call. Frequent moving positions will cause the strength of the received signal to fluctuate, causing unnecessary short-time high-power transmission.

How to save power for mobile phone batteries? How to extend battery life?

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1. Generally, we think that it is better to use the battery below 20% and then charge it. But in principle, nickel batteries are suitable. For lithium-ion batteries, if you often let the phone drop from full power to 20% or even automatically shut down, it will damage the battery.

2.The mobile phone battery can not be in 100% saturated state. If the battery is fully charged and continues to charge, such as plugging in the charger and going to sleep, and then pulling it out in the morning, the battery performance will be slightly reduced, which will cause battery damage for a long time. In order to avoid damage to the battery caused by continued charging, it is best not to always connect the phone to the power line.

3.Lithium-ion battery is most afraid of heat, whether it is in the state of the phone or placed in the state of the environment. When the average temperature is 0 °C, a lithium battery will lose 6% of the maximum capacitance per year, and the corresponding loss will increase with the increase of temperature. Therefore, keep your phone away from heat sources during daily use, and not to be exposed to the sun.

4.Smart phone recommended in the process of charging the phone, do not play games to watch video, to avoid overloading the phone and affect the battery.

5. If no charger is available, the user can turn on the low energy mode.

6.Frequent shallow charge and discharge will be more effective than deep charge and discharge to extend the life of the battery, overtime charging and full use of empty power will cause overcharging and over-discharge, good habit is to have the opportunity to plug in the charge, charge almost Unplug, a small amount of meals, but not too full. Second, you should minimize the time the battery is fully charged. Do not unplug the power supply when fully charged, it will keep the battery fully charged, which will speed up the loss of battery capacity.