I believe that mobile phones have become the favorite of most people, and if everyone ’s battery power drops below 20%, they will probably have some bad moods, such as restlessness. Like wallets, mobile phones are prone to run out of battery power, and everyone is now anxious. Mobile phone manufacturers naturally understand this. All of them should meet the needs of the majority of users. After all, users are the fundamental. Therefore, the fast charging function came into being, and it can be said that fast charging is the greatest invention in recent years, but another problem appeared at this time.

fast charging affect the battery

Nowadays, it may not be how fast the mobile phone is charging. After all, Xiaomi's 100W fast charge has been developed, and 40W fast charge is everywhere. Wireless charging has already achieved 20W. When there are more users, there will be another problem. The chargers that everyone has used are basically 5V1A specifications. Not to mention Apple, 1A chargers have been used for several generations. There are all the devices, consumers will inevitably have doubts at this time, the parameters become larger, will it hurt the battery? After all, today's mobile phone batteries are not replaceable, unlike it was changed casually before. Here are some of the major directions of fast charging technology today.

Nowadays, there are mainly two methods to increase the charging speed, which are also two general directions today:

1. Increasing the voltage, raising the voltage has higher requirements on the quality of the charger, and the charger will generate a lot of heat during the charging process, so if the charger does not meet the standards, it may be dangerous.

2. Increasing the current, means lowering the voltage to increase the current, but high currents also have disadvantages. For example, it will accelerate the aging of the battery and bring certain safety risks, and high currents will also cause chemicals in the lithium battery. Irreversible losses. But also beneficial, is that the heat is low, depending on how the manufacturer balances the relationship.

But fast charging technology all need to meet three conditions, that is, the three indispensable links: charger, battery, charge IC. And the fast charging technology to increase the current usually requires additional customization of the charging line, because the current is large, there is no certain standard specification that will cause harm to the human body.

At present, the fast charging technology of mobile phones is actually divided into the following three categories:

1.VOOC technology, its core is low voltage and high current.

2. Qualcomm QuickCharge technology, the core of which is high voltage and low current.

3. MediaTek PumpExpressPlus technology, which allows the charger to determine the voltage based on the current, can be dynamically adjusted.

So no matter what kind of technology, it will cause certain damage to the battery, so which kind of technology is not good is inconclusive. It can only be said that you have different opinions, but these technologies will have a certain impact on mobile phone batteries. Compared to slow charging, you still have to decide for yourself.