Lithium manganese iron phosphate (LMFP) is a new type of cathode material obtained by adding manganese element on the basis of LiFePO4. On the one hand, it can improve the voltage of the material system and make up for the lack of low energy density caused by low voltage of LiFePO4; The surface is coated with a carbon material conductive agent to improve the conductivity. So, what are the advantages of LMFP cathode material?

advantages of LMFP cathode materia battery

1. Compared with LiFePO4, LMFP has an energy density advantage. The voltage plateau of LMFP is as high as 4.1V, which is significantly higher than that of LiFePO4 (3.4V). The high-voltage platform can improve the energy density of the corresponding battery. Under the same conditions, its theoretical energy density is 15%-20% higher than that of LiFePO4, which can basically reach the level of NCM523 ternary battery, which can provide electric vehicles with a higher energy density than LiFePO4 batteries. Higher cruising range

2. Compared with LiFePO4, LMFP has the advantage of low temperature performance. The capacity retention rate of LMFP can reach about 75% at -20°C, while the capacity retention rate of LiFePO4 is 60%-70%.

3. LMFP has safety advantages compared to NCM cathodes. Compared with NCM, LMFP has an olivine-type structure, which is more stable during charge and discharge, and has better safety and cycle stability than ternary.

4. LMFP has a cost advantage. Due to the abundance of manganese ore resources in the world, the cost of LMFP is only about 5%-10% higher than that of LiFePO4. Considering the increase in energy density of LMFP, the cost of battery installed capacity is slightly lower than that of LMFP per watt-hour. LiFePO4, and significantly lower than the NCM battery.

The new phosphate lithium manganese iron phosphate has the advantages of high energy density and good low temperature performance. In the future, its pure and mixed use solutions are expected to penetrate rapidly in the field of electric vehicles. And companies with relevant patent layouts and production capacity layouts may fully enjoy the technological dividends and achieve a stable and improved market share.