I believe that many Apple iPhone users like to open the background of the phone after a period of use to close all background apps, but Apple engineers said that closing the apps will shorten the iPhone's battery life.

iPhone loses battery life

According to Apple, sliding down and closing the iPhone background apps may increase the time it takes for the apps to reload. Therefore, Apple officials recommend that users only use this method to close the apps when the mobile app is completely unresponsive or an error occurs.

Apple software engineers point out that closing background apps will not save power. The background apps of the iPhone is actually in a frozen state. The background apps has been restricted from performing operations and released memory. Forcibly closing the background apps has brought a bad experience. The apps takes longer to draw and consumes more power when the apps starts again.

On February 24th, 《 the Sun 》 followed up on the incident and published a report titled "OUIT IT! Your iPhone gets SLOWER and loses battery life if you always swipe apps closed. "  Presumably, frequently closing background apps may slower your iPhone and reduce lithium battery life.

The term "Bettery life" is mentioned in the title of the article. According to my understanding, "the battery life" here refers to the time it takes for the battery to fully charge until it runs out. So, it is generally expressed as "Battery health". Here, It's Not means the times the battery is cycled as we usually said that "battery life".

Therefore, the actual meaning here should be that swipe the apps  closed will affect the "battery health" of your iphone.