The LiFePO4 battery has the advantages of high working voltage, large energy density, long cycle life, good safety performance, small self-discharge rate, and no memory effect.

LiFePO4 Battery pack

① The working voltage is high. The operating voltage of the lithium cobaltate lithium ion battery is 3.6V, the operating voltage of the lithium manganate lithium ion battery is 3.7V, the operating voltage of the lithium iron phosphate battery pack is 3.2V, and the operating voltage of the nickel-hydrogen and nickel-cadmium batteries is only 1.2V.

② High energy density. The theoretical energy density of the lithium battery pack cathode material can reach more than 200W · h / kg. In practical applications, due to irreversible capacity loss, the energy density is usually lower than this value, but it can reach 140W · h / kg, which is still nickel-cadmium. 3 times the battery and 1.5 times the NiMH battery.

③Long cycle life. At present, the lithium battery pack can be cycled more than 1,000 times in the case of deep discharge; under low discharge depth conditions, the cycle number can be tens of thousands of times, and its performance is far superior to other similar batteries.

④ Small self-discharge. The monthly self-discharge rate of a lithium-ion battery is only 5% -9% of the total capacity, which greatly alleviates the problem of electrical energy loss caused by self-discharge when a traditional secondary battery is placed.

⑤ No memory effect. Lithium iron phosphate battery pack does not have this phenomenon, no matter what the state is, the battery can be used at any time, without the need to fully discharge before recharging.

⑥ High environmental protection. Compared with the possible environmental pollution problems caused by the waste of traditional lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries and even nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium iron phosphate materials do not contain any heavy metals and rare metals, and are non-toxic. Green battery in the sense.

Application fields of LiFePO4 battery pack:

1) Application in portable appliances. At present, household appliances such as mobile phones, notebook computers, miniature cameras and other portable power sources have become an indispensable part of people's lives. In terms of power supply, lithium battery packs have been selected as the market without exception. Mainstream. According to statistics, the global mobile phone output is nearly 2.1 billion units per year, and the world produces approximately 150 million notebook computers each year, forming a huge lithium battery application market. In this field, lithium cobaltate and lithium manganate lithium-ion batteries dominate.

2) Application in the transportation industry. With the progress of social civilization, people's awareness of environmental protection has increased and environmental requirements have become increasingly high. Environmentally friendly transportation has entered people's vision. At present, electric light bicycles based on electric bicycles are showing a booming trend. Powered lithium iron phosphate battery packs have begun to be used in some high-end models. In the development of electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries have become the mainstream.

3) Applications in military equipment and aerospace industry. In military equipment, lithium iron phosphate battery packs are mainly used as power sources for power starting, power sources for wireless communication stations, power sources for miniature unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, etc. In addition, such as laser sighting Lithium-ion batteries are now commonly used in radios, night vision, pilot life-saving radios, etc. In the field of aerospace, lithium batteries have been used in geosynchronous orbit satellites and low-orbit communication satellites as a driving force for launch and flight correction and ground operations.