Battery protection boards are designed to protect batteries. But many people do not understand the specific functions of these protection boards. The following is a discussion of the functions of battery protection boards.

battery protection board

1.Overcharge protection function:
When the battery reaches a certain voltage, the charger is disabled to prevent overcharging. Instead of other words, the tube controlling overcharge will be out-of-work, so that the purpose of stopping the charge is achieved. 

2.Over-discharge protection function:
Over-discharge protection function: When the battery voltage reaches a certain low level, the discharge process stops, protecting the battery and preventing over-discharging.

Over-current protection function:
When a large current is consumed, the battery stops discharging to ensure safe operation. After the overcurrent detection, the battery returns to normal after it is separated from the load and can be recharged or discharged.

4.Short circuit protection function:
When a short circuit occurs, the battery protection board automatically cuts off the power to protect the battery.
Lithium battery PCB